What is Loki?

Loki is a high quality plush Husky toy that comes with a set of educational activities, rewards and correspondence with Santa.Loki is given to your child by Santa to be trained in the run up to Christmas to get ready to help Santa deliver all the presents. They are rewarded on Christmas day for their efforts with a Diploma and Sleigh for Loki.

Whats comes in the box?

Box 1 - For your Child

Loki Report Card

Four 2 - part Activities:

  1. Navigation & Map Building
  2. World Geography and Mapss
  3. Sleigh Studies & Design
  4. World Culture Studies

Box 2 - For Grown Ups Only

  • Instructions
  • The Wooden Sleigh
  • Letter from Santa
  • Diploma

What Do you Need to do?

Purchase Loki by clicking "Shop" on the main page and follows the prompts

There are instructions that come with Loki and some steps that need to be followed to help bring the story to life for your child.

  1. - Personalize the packaging and letter from Santa
  2. - Give Loki to your Child
  3. - Help them along with the activities
  4. There are tutorial videos for the activities on the main page, presented by Santa and Shakelton.

  5. - Assemble and customize the Sleigh using the instructions below.
  6. - Place Loki under the tree with the sleigh and Diploma for Christmas morning.